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Inside Education

Seán Delaney
About the show: 

Inside Education brings an Irish perspective to news and stories from the world of education. It covers matters related to primary, post-primary and third level education as well as pre-school and life-long learning. Issues and news items in education are explored with relevant practitioners, experts, researchers, policy-makers, thinkers, and leaders in Irish education.

Issues dealt with include the teaching of specific subjects, classroom management, conditions and resources that affect teaching and learning, supporting students with special needs, technology, examinations, bullying, school tours and so on. The show features interviews, reports, reviews, talks and analysis of important issues.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome. In short, Inside Education brings you an inside view on anything that affects the lives and work of teachers, students, parents and citizens at all levels of education in Ireland and beyond.


Wednesday 1pm
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