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Dublin Edition

Hazel Lake
About the show: 

Dublin Edition is broadcast in conjunction with Dublin City Council. The programme features many events that take place under the Council's brief that enhance our city and which makes Dublin a great place to visit either as a tourist or someone just living in the city. The programme has featured among others the Bridges of the Liffey and their history with City Engineer Michael Philips, UNESCO City of Literature with Jane Alger and fireman Neil Mc Cabe's award winning project in turning Kilbarrack fire station into the first totally environmentally friendly fire station in the world.  We will also be covering Sports & Leisure, Water Conservation, Georgian Dublin, Culture, Parks, Housing, Waste, Energy, you name it...we have it. Each week we also inform you of events taking place in the city. There is so much to see and do in Dublin City with many events and amenities free. So tune into Dublin Edition every Tuesday at 3.30pm to find out more.


Presenter : Hazel Lake
Tuesday, 3 - 4pm