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Midweek Music Miscellany

Sean Brophy
About the show: 

Midweek Music Miscellany challenges the othodoxy of most other music offerings on Irish daytime radio by offering a very wide range of musical genres during its weekly transmission Wednesday mornings from 11.30AM

 For example pairing Nina Simone with Tom Petty would not occur to most music programme planners as the utilised computer software would possible self destruct in a Mission Impossible type gesture.

 However the use of human knowledge in the compilation of Midweek Music Miscellany overides any possible glitch thus ensuring that random pairings as per above as part of this shows attractiveness to the more adventurous ear.

 Art Of The Trio is a regular show feature also giving three tracks from an artist or based on a theme. Listeners contribute to this feature thus ensuring democratic credentials can be claimed.

 Midweek Music Miscellany ploughs its own unique formula each Wednesday morning from 11.30AM to 12.30PM bring you safely through the middle of your week with the best of jazz, rock, Americana, pop, world  and singer songwriter material plus funny stories and odd facts.



Wednesday 11:30am - 12.30pm
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