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Rockabilly Jukebox

Billy Lee
About the show: 

 Every Friday night from midnight until 2am, you’ll hear Billy Lee play real 50s style Rockabilly on the Rockabilly Jukebox. 

If you want to hear 50s style Rockabilly, Hillbilly Boogie, Rhythm & Blues, Jump Jive, this is the show for you. 
When you tune in, you’ll hear sounds not often heard these days.
It’s a specialist show that would appeal to lovers of rarely heard but wonderful music,
 the intention is to bring to the listener an opportunity to hear obscure tracks by some well known & not so well known musicians.
This show is for aficionados and newcomers alike. All the latest info and news on the rockin’ scene, both national and international.

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Fridays, midnight-2am
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