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Magical Melodies

Gerry Corry
About the show: 

Magical Melodies is an easy listening music show presented by Gerry Corry. It has been airing for nearly ten years and has gained a loyal listener base who enjoy the choice of music that Gerry presents which crosses a wide range of genres.  There is no real order to the tunes presented – you can be listening to a song from the fifties or sixties one moment and the next you hear one of the emerging acts from the present time.  It might be classical, it might be jazz, it might be country and western, it might be a tender ballad or it might even be reggae but they all have one thing in common – they’re all magical melodies.  If you have a dedication or request Gerry would love to hear from you by email on .  During the programme you can contact Gerry directly by text on 087 977 1032 with your dedication or request.

Friday 2 - 3pm
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