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Classical Choices

Gerry Cahill
About the show: 

Produced and presented by Gerry Cahill the programme attempts to encourage a  greater appreciation of Classical Music,  in all its genres. 

From the early chants of Hildegard Von  Bingen (12th century)  right through to the progressive classical composers of the 20th century and, occasionally even the 21st century, you will travel across countries and continents to learn a little about the various composers and their amazing musical abilities. That’s not to say that our own fair isle is lacking in classical music composers with the likes of Michael Kelly, John Field, Thomas Moore, George A Osborne, Michael W Balfe and W Vincent Wallace occasionally featuring. 

Based, mostly, on the more melodic -and easy-to-listen to – Classics, the programme airs on Tuesday mornings from 11.30am to 12.30pm. 

Gerry can be contacted, during the programme and only by text, on 087-977 1032 when he welcomes requests and suggestions for your favourite classical music.

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