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An Oireachtas committee tasked with addressing Ireland’s abortion laws has said the

eight amendment must be changed.

The vote will pave the way for 6 possible referendum options to be put to citizens

next summer. Two of the six options to be put to the people are a proposal to repeal

and replace with a new law and a simple repeal of the 8th amendment.

The committee will now assess the options and must report back by mid-December

ahead of the referendum which is due to be held next May or June.


A new ESRI report has found that children who were better at maths at the age of 9

were more engaged at school and that positive experience continues through to

secondary education.

The findings are based on interviews with nine and thirteen year olds as well as

interviews with their parents and questionnaires completed by their principals and


The research also found that girls experience greater transition difficulties than boys

with transition difficulties being greater among those with special education needs.

Author of the report ESRI research professor Emer Smyth believes that making

maths more accessible could show real long term benefits such as engagement in

their schoolwork and positive student-teacher relationships.



It will be a wet day with no real clearance occurring until evening the rain will be

lightest during the morning while getting heavier in the afternoon and evening with

light winds, highest temperatures 11 to 13 degrees. We will have more news in an